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Carbon Management Made Easy

Strategic Decarbonization: Navigating Regulatory Compliance for Your Organization

로이드인증원(LRQA) 배출권거래제 및 EU 탄소국경조정제도 플랫폼 적합성 국내 첫 검증의견서 획득

(2024.05.30) 탄소관리 선도기업 ㈜하나루프는 자사의 기후규제 대응 탄소중립 플랫폼인 하나에코가 지난달 30일 국제공인 인증기관인 로이드인증원(LRQA)으로부터 한국 배출권거래제 및 유럽연합(EU)의 탄소국경조정제도(CBAM) 지침에 부합한 것으로 적합성을 인정받았다고 밝혔다. 이는 위 규제에 대해 국내 최초로 하나에코가 국내외적으로 신뢰할 수 있는 탄소관리 솔루션임을 공식 인정받은 것이다.

Effective carbon management is indispensable for contemporary businesses!

Regulation Compliance

Investor Inquiries

Risk Mitigation

Customer Demands


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Streamline your company and product carbon emissions management effortlessly through our AI-powered carbon management platform


EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

CBAM Compliance

  • Product Management - Manage CN codes and parameters relevant to CBAM, and calculate specific (embedded) emissions of the product.
  • Supplier's Precursor Management - Manage the supplier's specific embedded emissions (SEE)
  • CBAM Report - Effectively organize and effortlessly generate the required quarterly reports starting from January 2024.
  • Default Values - Manage default values
EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism


Climate Normatives, Frameworks, and Standards

  • Compliance with Standard Reporting Requirements - Systematically oversee energy consumption data, classifying it by individual business units across Scope 1, 2, and 3 categories.
  • Risk Management - Simplifies the recommended risk management practices outlined by IFRS/TCFD.
  • Scenario Analysis - Proactively address climate risks by strategically managing and preparing for potential changes in emission sources through What-if scenario analysis.

Effective ESG and Scope 3 Management

Make Impact

  • Effective Management of Qualitative Data - Facilitating qualitative data management through structured responses to inquiries.
  • Effective Supplier Collaboration Management - Effectively oversee the carbon emissions status of suppliers within Scope 3 in a secure manner
  • Product Management - Proactively communicate with customers by gaining insight into the raw material components at the unit level of the product.
  • Scope 3 Emission Factors DB - Estimating emissions is feasible even in the absence of actual data.
Effective ESG and Scope 3 Management

Carbon Accounting

All emission activities are tracked by source and analyzed. The data collection can be automated, and anomalies are detected.


The collaborative features allows for different stakeholders to easily align in the decarbonization strategy


Offering insights into greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to aid in strategic climate risk management

Supply Chain

We manage the organization's upstream and downstre.
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